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Hi there, I am Wellness Coach Liz

Your Compassionate Guide to a Thriving Life

As a Minister, Holistic Trauma Recovery Coach, Best-Selling Author, Certified Naturopathic Specialist, and an Addiction & Abuse Wellness Coach, my life’s work is centered around leveraging my personal encounters with trauma to empower and enlighten others on their paths to recovery.

As the founder and CEO of Oasis Wellness Centers, I’ve created an online haven dedicated to holistic herbal wellness education.My commitment to natural recovery extends to my creation of Soothing Salve, a blend of over 30 organic herbs crafted to alleviate various physical discomforts, emphasizing the body's intrinsic ability to recover and repair.

My literary contributions include the engaging "IT'S SMOOTHIE TIME," which invites readers to embrace nutritious, flavorful choices. I’m also the lead co-author of “The Pathway to Recovery,” a collective narrative of resilience and healing shared by fourteen brave souls from across the globe.

I advocate for groundbreaking techniques such as phototherapy technology that enhances physical performance.

Alongside Coach Michael Bart Mathews, I co-developed the F.Y.M.O.C system, empowering entrepreneurs to flourish in business while navigating the complexities of post-trauma recovery.

As a sought-after speaker, teacher, and host of the podcasts “Oasis Wellness of Life” and “Get Trauma Informed,” I strive to spread knowledge and understanding about trauma recovery through various platforms.

Beyond my professional roles, I am a proud mother and grandmother, cherishing my family as the foundation of my strength and joy.

My own journey through childhood trauma and a life-altering car accident has taught me that our deepest pains are not merely our own—they are shared with countless others who suffer in silence.

My mission is to reach out to those shadowed by trauma and guide them towards a life not just survived, but richly lived in thriving.

I believe passionately in transforming suffering into empowerment, proving that it is indeed possible to move from merely surviving to absolutely thriving.

Join me, Wellness Coach Liz Blanding, in leading the Get Trauma Informed Movement, and together, let’s step into the light of a life fully embraced and truly thrived.

Yes it is possible to go from Surviving to Thriving. For this reason Wellness Coach Liz Blanding is leading the Get Trauma Informed Movement.

Join our community today…Become a Thriver!

Wellness Coach Liz Blanding

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