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The Real on Trauma Awareness and Recovery

Hi there, I am Wellness Coach Liz

Your Compassionate Guide to a Thriving Life!

If I showed you how amazing life could be in Trauma Recovery, would you believe it is possible for you?

Yes!!! You can experience the transformative power of trauma recovery through my comprehensive holistic coaching, peer-to-peer support, and ministry work. You will find immense benefit in my approach by reconnecting with your emotions and becoming fully involved in your recovery.

Through this journey, you will discover new levels of recovery and empowerment. My methods have consistently helped individuals move from surviving to thriving, overcoming the aftermath of trauma with renewed strength and joy.

As a Minister, Holistic Trauma Recovery Coach, Best-Selling Author, Certified Naturopathic Specialist, Addiction & Abuse Wellness Coach, and Complex PTSD Survivor, I use all of it to help you overcome your Trauma.

My company, Oasis Wellness Centers, was founded as an online haven, and is dedicated to holistic herbal wellness education.

We have created of solutions that support you in your recovery journey such as:

I have also written several books to support your recovery journey including, The engaging "IT'S SMOOTHIE TIME" invite you into the beginning of my recovery journey and shows you how to embrace nutritious, flavorful choices as a part of self-care.

As the lead author of "Pathway to Trauma Recovery," a collective narrative of overcoming trauma and resilience shared by thirteen brave souls from across the globe, we continue to inspire and support the journey to wellness.

Through the podcasts “Get Trauma Informed” and “Oasis Wellness of Life,” we spread knowledge and understanding about trauma recovery across various platforms.

Beyond professional roles, the foundation of strength and joy lies in family, as demonstrated by the cherished roles of mother and grandmother.

We are on the Mission to Transform Suffering into Empowerment. The journey through childhood trauma and a life-altering car accident taught that our deepest pains are shared with countless others who suffer in silence. The mission is to reach out to those shadowed by trauma and guide them toward a life not just survived but richly lived and thrived.

Join Wellness Coach Liz Blanding in leading the Get Trauma Informed Movement. Together, let's step into the light of a fully embraced and truly thrived life. Yes, it is possible to go from surviving to thriving.