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How would it feel to not just recover, but to flourish in life and business after your trauma?

Embark on a transformative journey with the 8-Week Resilient Entrepreneurs comprehensive program designed to empower you to reclaim your well-being and achieve holistic success in life & business post-trauma.

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Welcome to Your Space for Total Mind-Body Realignment

Has Your World Been Shaken By Trauma?

As an Entrepreneur called to create something amazing in this world, adversity in your assignment is more than a personal challenge; it's a test of your resilience. It's space to reevaluate your path forward. And within this storm lies the opportunity for profound growth and realignment.

This program is a lighthouse for entrepreneurs grappling with the aftermath of trauma, offering a path to reclaim your focus, motivation, and passion.

Tailored for the unique challenges you face, our Resilient Entrepreneurs Program blends expert-led recovery & realignment sessions, holistic methods, self-care techniques and peer support to help you manage stress, overcome trauma, and align your well-being with your business goals.

It's more than recovery; it's about reigniting your entrepreneurial spirit and emerging stronger, with renewed purpose and clarity.

Join us and find your seed of greatness in adversity.

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Program Overview:

Resilient Entrepreneurs is an 8-week group coaching program designed to support business owners in addressing and recovering from personal traumas to improve their business performance. This program integrates elements of recovery coaching and business coaching to offer a holistic approach to personal realignment and growth. 

Program Delivery:

  • (16) 60-minute weekly group coaching sessions live via Zoom
  • Our signature 8-module Total Mind-Body Realignment process with guided action steps
  • A 31-page journal and workbook to supplement learning and empower participants on their path to personal transformation and business success

Program Bonuses: (value $2887)

  • Resiliency Building Library (4) Autographed Books By Industry Experts (value $99)
  • Herbology Prep 101 (13) week course (value $2497)
  • Finding Your Moment of Clarity Marketing/Branding MasterClass (value $97)
  • (1) 1 Hour Trauma/Addiction/Abuse Group Session (value $135)
  • Instant Stress Relief Guide (value $9.99)
  • 1 month RES (Resilient Entrepreneurs Support) Membership (value $49.97)

Signature Process Overview:

Program Investment

Payment Plan

per month for 2 months

Realignment & Recovery Is Possible

Finally move past your pain and step fully into your purpose. Join today and get the support you need and deserve.

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