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It's Smoothie Time

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Includes: Recipe Book with Healthy Lifestyle Accountability Journal

It's Smoothie Time is not just another book. I've created a fun-loving masterpiece overflowing with excellent nutritional health & wellness guideposts for your weight loss needs.

The compilation of Smoothies presented here in “Smoothie Time” was partly inspired by my six-year-old grandson Jaydin Alexander. He has a love for healthy foods like bright red peppers, tangerines, orange peppers, and sunshine yellow peppers. I attribute his taste to him being so young and close to God. Jaydin loves Almond Milk. When he comes over for a visit one of our stops must be to the store to pick up his Almond Milk. He loves both Vanilla and Chocolate. 

He also loves to sword fight with me, his Buca, with our green beans in the restaurants. I know...but it’s been our thing since he was old enough to hold a string bean. 

I tell this story to inspire others to live conscious of their choices. We do have a choice to live a healthy lifestyle and in return, we get to live a quality life in a healthy body. The other choice is not as fun. So, it’s your choice, today will you choose chocolate or vanilla? The only difference is the experience you will have.

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